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Family Resource Centers



Family Resource Centers - 工作人员

联系 电话/地址 Position / Responsibility
(562) 9886 -6870分机. 223 Program Administrator
Family Resource Centers



  • 使命宣言 - To support the personal and intellectual success of every student, every day.
  • 愿景声明 - “Empowering students and families to move forward and thrive”
  • 目的 - The 菠菜网lol正规平台 Family Resource Centers (FRCs) provide support services to meet the social, emotional and behavioral health needs within a cluster of 菠菜网lol正规平台 schools. The FRCs main offices are located at 查韦斯 小学 School, 信号山 小学 School, 林德伯格 Middle School and 史蒂芬斯 Middle School. The FRC staff consist of School Counselors, School Psychologists, and School 社会 Workers. They collaborate with schools and offer comprehensive student services that include short-term individual counseling and/ or small group counseling. They also work collaboratively with families to connect them to community resources, school-based services and parent education workshops. The services provided by FRC staff will be at no cost to students and families enrolled in a FRC school. No Medi-Cal or insurance is required to receive services. *If you are interested in FRC services, please complete a referral below:

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星期二 早上8点到下午4:30
结婚 早上8点到下午4:30
星期四 早上8点到下午4:30
星期五 早上8点到下午4:30


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FRCs Locations/Regions:

Downtown/Central Region 

查韦斯 小学 School
730 West 3rd Street, 长滩, CA 90802
电话: (562) 590-0904
Serving students and families attending:

伯班克西 曼西
科比西文 Oropeza西文
查韦斯西文 史蒂文森西文
爱迪生西文 威拉德西文



信号山 小学 School
2285 Walnut Avenue, 信号山, CA 90755
电话: (562) 426-8170 
Serving students and families attending:

阿尔瓦拉多西文 杰佛逊女士
阿瓦隆k - 12 麦迪逊西文
冈帕斯西文 麦克阿瑟西文
Herrera西文 信号山ES
福尔摩斯西文 惠蒂尔西文



林德伯格 Middle School
1022 East Market Street, 长滩, CA 90805
电话: (562) 422-2615
Serving students and families attending:

亚当斯西文 汉密尔顿女士
巴顿西文 王西文
杜利西文 林德伯格女士
格兰特西文 麦金利西文
哈特西文 鲍威尔学习



史蒂芬斯 Middle School
1830 West Columbia Street, 长滩, CA 90810
电话: (562) 981-8990
Serving students and families attending:

伯尼西文 罗斯福西文
加菲尔德西 史密斯西文
哈德逊西文 韦伯斯特西文
拉斐特西 华盛顿女士