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菠菜网lol正规平台 Safety and Security




The 十大菠菜导航网址 informs and reminds parents and legal guardians of all students to review their legal responsibilities regarding the storage of firearms, as required by California law. 家庭必须评估他们的个人行为并审查 枪支安全和储存资源 以确保遵守加州法律. 

加州刑法典第25100条 mandates that ALL firearms, loaded or unloaded, 必须安全地存放在所有有儿童居住的家庭或儿童可能合理进入的地方. Gun owners can avoid criminal penalties by keeping their firearms in a locked container or securing firearms with a locking device that renders the firearm inoperable.

As a reminder, 任何人疏忽保管或留下枪支, loaded or unloaded, 在儿童伸手可及或容易接近的地方,可能会被罚款或监禁, or both, if the child gains access to, 非法挥舞或不当使用枪支的. The criminal penalty may be significantly greater if someone dies or suffers great bodily injury as a result of the child gaining access to the firearm.



Safety and Security Overview

我们的学校每天都与执法部门密切合作, often behind the scenes, to keep our students safe. For safety reasons, we refrain from disclosing details of tactical protocols jointly developed with law enforcement and our Office of 学校安全和应急准备, 但这些常见的问题和答案描述了我们的安全框架和关键的预防措施. We continually revise and improve our safety plans using guidance from local and national law enforcement agencies and other national experts.


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